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Golf Villas & Residential

Batam’s wealthy locals need up-market residences that fit their position in life. Nuvasa Bay’s 18 – hole golf course provides an ideal setting for this. Our Nothern Golf Villas ( The Nove Residences ) was launched in early 2017 and includes premium semi-detached and townhouses. With 20m elevation and complete amenities, the Nothern Golf Villas will introduce a new way of living to Batam. Southern Golf Villas will follow after, providing scenic views facing the golf course, lakes and undulating contours. The villas present an angle to serve this wealthy local segment. We have dedicated a 16.5-hectare piece of our development to realize these dream homes.

Hill Park Villas

Enjoy even further exclusivity at our 19-hectare Hill Park vicinity which is contoured by lakes and managed by an elite, world renowned residential developer. Savour our spacious lawns within the quiet exclusivity of the Hill Park.

Lagoon Villas & Townhouses

Imagine having the chance to be part of a truly unique opportunity. Affluent consumers will be proud to say that they own one of these units in our 0.58-hectare lagoon residential area; the only one of its kind in Batam. To supplement the large villas, we also offer smaller townhouses within the complex to suit more modest space needs.

Condominiums Sites

We are building an assortment of condominiums to cater the different visual tastes. Each of our condominiums offers a different visual experience.
• Seaside Condominiums: View of the sea, beach and Singapore skyline.
• Hill Park Condominium: 360 degree elevated view of the golf course, Hill Park and Singapore skyline.
• Nothern Golf Condominium (The Nove Golf View Apartment): View of the golf course and Singapore skyline.
• Lagoon Condominium: View of the lagoon, beach, sea and Singapore skyline. Condominium buyers are sure to find one within Nuvasa Bay that suits their style.

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