Seabreeze Serenade: A coastal gathering by the sea

03 May 2024, 08:35 WIB
Seabreeze Serenade: A coastal gathering by the sea

April 27th 2024

On the tranquil shores of Nuvasa Bay, the Seabreeze Serenade unfolded on the afternoon of April 27th at Tiger Beach Club, beckoning valued invitee to mingle amidst the sea breeze by the beach. Attired in relaxed beach attire, guests gathered at 4 pm for an unforgettable experience full of the newest info that stretched into the evening.

Live music filled the air, creating a serene ambiance as attendees indulged in delectable snacks. The atmosphere transitioned seamlessly into a product knowledge session led by Mr. Mario Eduardo, Nuvasa Bay's Sales & Promotion Department Head. Here, guests were introduced to exciting new promotions and updates from Nuvasa Bay.

The event reached its crescendo with lively games, offering attendees the chance to win GoPay vouchers worth millions of rupiah and participate in a spirited Best Costume Contest. Laughter echoed through the evening as guests embraced the camaraderie and excitement.

As the Seabreeze Serenade drew to a close, it left behind memories of joy and connection by the sea. With hope in our hearts, we look forward to many more gatherings that strengthen the bonds of our Nuvasa Bay community and pave the way for a brighter future ahead.

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