Elevate & Celebrate: Syukuran Kalani Tower

13 Mar 2024, 08:07 WIB
Elevate & Celebrate: Syukuran Kalani Tower

18th January 2024

On the morning of January 18th, the sun rose over Nuvasa Bay, casting its golden glow upon a momentous occasion – the "Elevate & Celebrate" event, a jubilant celebration marking the 100% completion of Kalani Tower, one of our distinguished apartment buildings. Held within the iconic Kalani Tower itself, the event unfolded as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Nuvasa Bay team.

The event kicked off with poignant speeches from key figures who played pivotal roles in this journey. Mr. Margiman as Division Head of Commercial National 2 Sinar Mas Land, delivered his speech with inspiring words that resonated with the collective achievements of Nuvasa Bay. Mr. Steven Japari, Division Head of Batam Golf, also followed suit and  shared insights into the collaborative spirit that fueled the project. Mr. Harry Ramaputra as Division Head of Project Support and Mr. Gatot as Department Head of Construction Management, added their perspectives, weaving a narrative of dedication, perseverance, and shared success.

The celebration, brimming with pride and camaraderie, continued until lunchtime. Participants enjoyed a moment of respite, coming together over a delightful lunch, symbolizing not just the completion of a building but the bonds forged through shared challenges and triumphs.

As the event concluded, the atmosphere was imbued with a sense of accomplishment and unity. The Elevate & Celebrate gathering not only marked the achievement of 100% completion of Kalani Tower but also celebrated the collective spirit that defines Nuvasa Bay. It was a day filled with meaningful conversations, reflections, and the joyous realization that, together, the Nuvasa Bay team had elevated a vision to reality.

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