Digital Marketing Strategy in Political Year

13 Mar 2024, 09:12 WIB
Digital Marketing Strategy in Political Year

21st February 2024

On Wednesday, 21st of February 2024, the Palm Spring Ballroom in Batam set the stage for a pivotal event, “Literasi Digital: Digital Marketing Strategy in Political Year”. The gathering, also broadcasted via Zoom for remote attendees, convened three distinguished speakers: Rizki Ameliah from the Ministry of Communications and Informatics - Republic of Indonesia, Selly Febrilia Mayora representing Millennial Kepri, and Cecep Suryadi as  Director of Literasi Indonesia Maju.

The event commenced with welcoming remarks from Mr. Steven, Division Head of Palm Springs Golf, followed by an insightful address from Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi shedding light on Batam's infrastructure. The proceedings were further enriched by Mr. Semuel Pangerapan from the Director-General of Application & Informatics in the Ministry of Communication & Informatics, Republic of Indonesia, who elaborated on crucial issues to navigate during this political year.

Amidst the engaging discourse, a local comedian injected moments of levity, eliciting laughter from the audience. The spotlight then shifted to the main event, with Mrs. Rizki delivering a compelling presentation on digital literacy amidst the political landscape. Following suit, Mrs. Selly shared invaluable tips on combating hoaxes and creating impactful online content, while Mr. Cecep enriched the discussion with his wealth of experience and insights.

Nuvasa Bay stands proud to have hosted such a consequential event. As a burgeoning township committed to innovation and progress, we are honored to have served as the venue for “Literasi Digital: Digital Marketing Strategy in Political Year”. This event aligns with our vision of becoming a digital hub in Batam, where ideas converge and knowledge is shared to propel our community forward.

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